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Pinterest is more than just a fun place to share your favorite people, places and things with your friends – it is a powerful business marketing tool that allows you to share your passions and turn those passions into profit!

Pinterest also quickly realized the power of this social network for business as they saw everyone from Work-at-Home Moms to Major Corporations flock to Pinterest so they added the business account feature to capitalize on that trend. Pinterest already has some exciting plans for expansion and experts predict that Pinterest will become a major player in the eCommerce market in the near future. So the opportunities for you and your business are endless!

Companies pay a fortune to research, locate, attract and market their products and services to their perfect target market. Pinterest does it all for you for FREE! Statistics show that Pinterest users are educated women, ages 25-54, with an average income of $25,000-75,000 a year, who love to shop online and love to spend time on Pinterest looking for the hottest new information, products and services to improve their health, finances, fashion and lifestyle! Could there be a more perfect target market for women in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM/Home Business/Coaching/Consulting industries?!

To put the icing on the cake, all you have to do to attract these amazing women is share your passions on Pinterest and prospects that share your passions will connect with you and lead you to more prospects that share your mutual passions leading you to an endless supply of the perfect prospects for your products and services! Pinning Power Profits will show you all the secrets to pinning your passion to attract the very best prospects!

Pinterest also offers women entrepreneurs in the Direct Sales, Network Marketing and Home Business industry a powerful branding tool to establish themselves as an expert in their industry and create their own brand apart from their company to help them stand out from the crowd of reps in their company and in the industry! That is the secret to all the Direct Sales/Network Marketing Superstars you see in the industry! Now you can be one too!

The Pinning Power Profits programs will train and coach you every step of the way from the basics of setting up your Pinterest account and Pinterest Boards to powerful strategies to help you increase your branding, recruiting, sales and success on Pinterest and other social media!


Michelle Sanchez Pinning Power Profits Coach



Pinning Power Profits was created by Michelle Sanchez, Dream Biz Success Coach and Owner of Dream Biz Success Network. Michelle is a successful experienced entrepreneur, marketer, coach and consultant with over 16 years of full time experience including:

  • Online & Offline Advertising/Marketing/Branding/SEO
  • Social Media Marketing & Internet Marketing for Branding/Recruiting/Sales
  • Business and Brand Development/Expansion for Entrepreneurs
  • Training and Coaching Program Development for Companies Specializing in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM/Home Business/Coaching Industry
  • Inspirational/Motivational/Educational Speaking/Writing/Copywriting/Editing
  • Full-Time Direct Sales/Network Marketing/MLM/Home Business Entrepreneur Generating Millions of Dollars in Sales and Personally Sponsoring, Coaching and Mentoring Thousands of Team Members Online and Offline
  • Bestselling Co-Author of “Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy” and Creator of “Be Happy Healthy Wealthy Now!” Coaching & Mentoring Program
  • MLM University Certified Direct Sales/Network Marketing Coach & Consultant
  • Dream University Certified Dream Coach® “Helping Women Discover their Passion & Turn their Passion Into Profit to Create the Business & Lifestyle of Their Dreams!”
  • Certified Health Coach & Natural Health & Weight Loss Coach/Consultant
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Pinning Power Profits Training & Coaching



Pinning Power Profits Training & Coaching program was created to train and coach women entrepreneurs exclusively to use Pinterest to increase their marketing and branding success!

The Pinning Power Profits Program is especially powerful for women entrepreneurs with businesses that rely on recruiting and sales, including, but not limited to, Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Home Businesses, Coaching and Consulting since the program teaches specific power strategies to use Pinterest as a powerful recruiting and sales tool to increase recruiting, sales and branding success!

Pinning Power Profits is a highly interactive program that includes intensive training and coaching on Pinterest and other integrative social media strategies, to help you develop and increase your branding, recruiting and sales. The program also includes group and private coaching, mentoring and support so that you can immediately implement what you learn each week!


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Social Superstar Strategy Consulting Services



Pinning Power Profits Consulting was created for entrepreneurs who do not have the time to attend and participate in the Pinning Power Profits Programs, yet want to take full advantage of the power of Pinterest.

Pinning Power Profits Consulting was also created for those clients who have, or wish to have, a Social Media Manager to handle their Pinterest and/or social media accounts and need an expert to help develop their Social Media plan and strategy. In this case, the Social Media manager would be welcome to attend the virtual consultation. However, only one account is included in each session due to the time necessary to conduct a thorough consultation.

Consultations may be held by telephone or Skype and may include using other online meeting technology that allows forscreen sharing to show examples, etc. if necessary.

Every Client is unique with unique objectives and therefore, each client requires a unique plan and strategy to help them reach their objectives on Pinterest. Therefore, the consultation begins with an analysis of the client’s current Social Media presence, including Pinterest, and concludes with specific recommendations and strategies to increase and enhance that presence. If a client does not have a current Social Media presence, then recommendations and strategies are provided to the client to create a powerful presence for their company, products and brand.

Please see the “Consulting” page for current Consulting Services & Rates!


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The Pinning Power Profits Newsletter is also designed to keep you up-to-date on all the new enhancements to Pinterest as it is constantly changing and evolving.

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