My Personal Message Posted on March 28, 2013

My Personal Message ~ My Passion & My Mission
My experience includes working in a large family business from a young age to running a multi-million dollar company and owning my own business as a Professional Organizer reorganizing companies and lifestyles of busy executives. After an accident, resulting in a long-term illness, my journey to health led me to discover natural health alternatives, which in turn led me to discover income alternatives as a Natural Health Coach & Consultant, Direct Sales/Marketing Professional, Home Business Success Coach/Consultant/Trainer, Certified Dream Coach®, Online/Offline Marketing Expert, Copywriter, Editor, Bestselling Author, and Motivational Speaker/Writer, all in alignment with my purpose and passion to “Empower and Inspire Others to Achieve Their Dreams by Making a Living & Making a Difference”.

That passion has led me to achieve the highest levels of leadership and success in my business ventures by building, coaching, mentoring and empowering sales teams of thousands of women to enjoy better health and a better lifestyle and generating millions of dollars in life-changing product sales both online and offline. I have also created and revamped marketing, coaching and training tools and systems for many Direct Sales/Network Marketing companies and leaders to assist them in achieving the highest levels of success. My passion for helping others achieve their dreams also led me to become a Certified Direct Sales/Network Marketing Coach and a Certified Dream Coach® with Marcia Wieder, “America’s Dream Coach”, as seen on Oprah and PBS.

One of my own dreams was to share my story to inspire and empower others to overcome life’s challenges and pursue their dreams. That dream came true when I was asked to co-author a best-selling book with a group of amazing women coaches and entrepreneurs, “Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy”, a book of amazing stories written to awaken, inspire and empower women to BE Happy, Healthy & Wealthy!  In the book, my chapter is entitled “A Passion, A Mission, A Dream, A Lesson” in which I share my story of how I chose the safe practical Corporate America route instead of following my entrepreneurial spirit and how an accident and long-term illness changed my entire life course and led me to reignite that spirit and discover my true passion and the career of my dreams “Making a Living & Making a Difference!”

Throughout the journey I discovered the true meaning of success which, is also my mission statement: “You have achieved ‘True Success’ when you have discovered the path where you can share your unique gifts, talents and experience to make a difference in the world and you can honestly say that you love who you are, love what you do, and love who you are doing it with!”  I am so grateful that I discovered ‘true success’ in my business and my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to have inspired and empowered thousands of women to achieve ‘True Success’ in their business and their life over the years and I look forward to helping others do the same!

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